A PENSIONER who’s paid her council tax in full is in ‘absolute despair’ over the ‘shambles’ of claiming the current £150 tax rebate.

Residents have now started to receive the government-funded rebate, offered to households in tax bands A to D in response to rising costs of living.

But 88-year-old Margaret Brayshaw has found a number of snags in the system.

While people who pay a monthly direct debit should have received the payment by today, those who don’t have been advised to submit an application form before June 30.

But Margaret, of Cone Lane, Silkstone Common - who paid her tax bill in full at the start of the year, and doesn’t have internet access - said the process has left her ‘fed up and stressed’.

“I had a letter saying that if I didn’t pay by direct debit, I should complete an enclosed form - but there was no form,” said the former teacher.

“I rang them up and spent all morning trying to contact somebody, before I got through and was told I was 22nd in a queue.

“It’s almost like if you’re not on the internet, you’re left out.

“I just want to get through to somebody to send me this form.

“I want to make it known how difficult it is - it’s probably not just me.

“It’s an absolute shambles for people who aren’t on the internet.

“I’ve been so fed up and stressed, I’m almost inclined to say they can keep it.”

A council spokesperson said rebate claims for non-direct debit users should have been processed by Monday, unless the applications were submitted this week - in which case they will be actioned within seven working days.

“Our phone lines are currently extremely busy with calls and queries about the rebate payment,” they added.

“Please only call us if your query is urgent.

“You can contact us by calling 787787 and selecting option six.”