CONDOLENCES have flooded in from across the globe following the death of one of Barnsley’s most well-known butchers.

Percy Turner’s pork pies were some of the most sought after in the country and residents queued for hours to get their hands on them - even receiving recognition as the nation’s best back in 2015.

Percy died aged 76 on Sunday, May 8 - and the family have been comforted by condolence messages coming in from across the town, even receiving messages from people in Brazil.

He was born in the shop his father opened in 1937 - and his daughter, 44-year-old Andrea Jones, said he was totally devoted to his pork pies.

“He worked six days a week, 12-hour days, before he was forced into retirement last January after having a stroke,” she said.

“He was totally devoted to the shop, his pork pies and his grandkids.

“He didn’t have many other hobbies but he liked to talk about politics and the news in the Prospect Tavern in Hoyland.

“It was my grandad’s shop originally but my dad and uncle took over it in Jump.

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“He grew up in Jump but he moved to Hoyland about 30 years ago - but he’s always regarded himself as being from Jump.

“We’ve had condolence messages from all over the place and even Brazil - it’s been unreal and has been a bit of a comfort.”

Percy leaves behind his wife Joan, who he married onn September 1, 1969, and his two children Andrea and Gary - the latter of who will now take over the shop.

He also leaves behind his three grandchildren.

The funeral will take place on May 23, leaving Jump Church from 1.45pm and arriving at Barnsley Crematorium at 2.50pm.