YOUNGSTERS caught littering in the last year by enforcement officers have escaped a fine.

Patrols are carried out in Hoyland Milton, Rockingham, Darfield and Wombwell by District Enforcement - the firm employed by the South Area Council.

However, those witnessed dropping litter in the year to March 2022 have escaped a fine due to Covid-19 restrictions.

A report said: “For juveniles caught committing an offence, District would normally offer an option of a litter-pick as a means of discharging their liability for the fine.

“However due to pandemic regulations and social distancing rules, we were unable to offer this option.

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“Due to this a letter was sent to the parents discharging the child from all liability for the fine, but asked them to explain to the child that any further offences could result in a litter-pick having to be attended in the future.”