SIXTY years after it first broadcast, a new production of the classic BBC comedy Steptoe and Son opens a nationwide tour at the Lamproom Theatre next month.

Steptoe and Son ran for eight series from 1962-1974 and led to two film spin-offs and is fondly remembered by many whether they watched the comedy when first broadcast or later repeats.

Telling the story of two warring rag-and-bone-men in their Shepherd’s Bush scrapyard home, Albert and Harold became household favourites across generations and still they continue to entertain audiences today. One proclaims he’s a “a poor old man” while the other protests that actually he’s “a dirty old man!” In actual fact, both are telling the truth.

This latest production has been fully endorsed and supported by the original writer Ray Galton, who sadly passed away last October.

On watching the recent touring production, Ray Galton O.B.E. commented: “The affection for the original shines through in this fine production. The performances are marvellous!”

The cast sees the return of Jeremy Smith and John Hewer as Albert Steptoe and son Harold respectively. Both performers starred in earlier acclaimed productions “Steptoe and Son” and “Christmas with Steptoe and Son”.

This latest adaptation features three classic episodes being presented as a radio play.

“The attraction is that these vintage stories will be presented with the emphasis now squarely on the script, and the dynamism between the central characters,” says John, who plays Harold.

“We’re still in costume and ‘in character’, but this time it’s a mock-up of a live studio recording, with its flashing ‘applause’ lights and direct address from the performers make the audience feel directly involved. The three chosen episodes Is That Your Horse Outside?, A Death in the Family, and Upstairs, Downstairs, Upstairs, Downstairs will easily familiarise and reacquaint audience to the Steptoe saga, allowing them to explore all the foibles and tropes of this most iconic father and son pairing.”

The nationwide tour begins at the Lamproom Theatre on Tuesday September 6 at 7.30pm