HUNDREDS of referrals were made to police officers in Barnsley in regards to child protection in the latest three-month period.

Between July and September, 222 referrals were made to the force’s partners in relation to vulnerable children.

Whilst in the same time frame there were 355 non-crime investigations in relation to child protection.

Approximately 88 per cent of these were related to welfare issues, six per cent to neglect concerns, three per cent to missing episodes and three per cent to sexual exploitation.

A police report, submitted by deputy chief constable Tim Forber, states: “Review of the governance structure that sits within district and with partners is ongoing and work will progress over the next quarter.

“The Child Exploitation subgroup within Barnsley’s children’s partnership governance structure and the objectives for this group have been established and includes data maturity with the inclusion of partnership data, risk assessment process and management of MACE, in addition to the voice of the child to inform practice strategy.

“This will be an important piece of work moving forwards for Barnsley and takes high priority for resources.”