WORK to improve wheelchair accessibility in the town centre will be taking place next month following feedback from a Chronicle reader.

Nic Frances, who submitted a letter in last week’s letters page, highlighted a concern about the ramped pedestrian exit from The Seam car park into Regent Street.

It includes a drainage gully which Nic said made it difficult for people using wheelchairs - such as her mother - to get from the disabled parking bays into the town centre.

Coun James Higginbottom, cabinet spokesperson for environment and highways, said: “I’m grateful that Nic has drawn attention to this issue which I was not aware of.

“I walk this route quite regularly and it isn’t obvious at first glance that this would cause an issue for wheelchairs.

“I’ve now been in touch with our parking and highways teams, and I’m pleased that work will be taking place in April to improve this ramp.

“It’s essential that people of all levels of mobility are able to do - we’ve listened to Nic’s concern and thankfully we’ve been able to find a solution.”

Nic added: “I’m chuffed to bits - and still fairly gobsmacked - that the work is scheduled to happen so soon.”