A MENTAL health support worker from Gawber could soon be in the money after finding a heart-shaped crisp whilst at work.

Charlotte Hubbard, 37, bought the ready salted packet of crisps earlier this month at a shop next to Barnsley Hospital.

Walkers is giving away £100,000 to whoever finds the best heart-shaped crisp in its standard bags.

Charlotte told the Chronicle her story isn’t particularly ‘glamorous’ - but she’s already been thinking about what she could spend her winnings on.

She said: “I was at work when I found it.

“I was sat in an office full of people and I asked what people thought - everyone said that it looked heart-shaped.

“I think that they’re quite rare to find.

“There’s the prospect of winning £100,000 so I’m quite excited.

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“If I win I would pay off my debts, book a nice holiday and help my family with their mortgages.”