A FLOOD-RAVAGED street which was submerged again last week will finally receive better protection following a consultation with residents.

A probe into Lang Avenue, in Lundwood, has been taking place since flash floods forced some residents out of their homes for almost a year due to the damage caused in November 2019 and February 2020.

It impacted about 70 homes - with worst-hit houses being swamped with water approximately a metre deep - however evidence suggests much earlier flood events possibly as early as the 1950s.

It was hit hard again last Friday as Storm Babet struck - with residents reporting two-feet-deep surges of flood water.

Met Office figures revealed the three-month period from November 2019 was the wettest since 1891, with Barnsley recording more than double its average winter rainfall in 2019/2020 at 425.4mm.

The Chronicle can reveal ruling cabinet members are scheduled to meet on November 29 to accept funding for work to be carried out.

A council statement said: “This meeting is to release previously allocated capital funding and accept external funding.

“Approval is being sought to procure a construction partner and to enter into contract subject to the financial value being within the collective funding envelope.

“Lang Avenue is a known flooding hotspot.

‘Work has been ongoing to identify the underlying causes which has included consultation with local residents and elected members.”

Environmental consultancy firm Enzygo compiled a study into Lang Avenue - which is near the River Dearne - having been commissioned to do so by Berneslai Homes.

This included monitoring water levels, surveying local culverts to assess their ability to cope with increased amounts of water and clearing out ditches in the first of three phases.

Phase two saw a CCTV assessment of the culverts, a topographic survey, the formation of a local flood action group, the creation of new drainage and remodelling the sewer network.

The final phase, according to documents, will result in continued working with William Saunders Partnership - made up of architects and engineers - to monitor the work and its impact.

The statement added: “In 2007 and 2019, this area had a lot of flooding.

“Since 2021, we’ve been working with Berneslai Homes to find out what may be causing flooding on Lang Avenue.

“We’re also looking to find any actions that could be taken to reduce the impact of future flooding.

“Enzygo were employed by Berneslai Homes to help identify the flooding at Lang Avenue.

“Many of the homes affected in Lang Avenue form part of the council’s housing stock and as such are home to residents who may be vulnerable or on lower incomes.

“Further proposals will be encouraged to reduce the impact of climate change over the coming years.”

Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis, who visited affected residents lastg weekend, welcomed the work.

“I went to Lundwood to support residents who’ve been affected by the wet weather - it was good to see a strong sense of community and people helping each other out.

“My thanks go to all in the various agencies who’ve been working hard to help those who’ve been flooded or lost power.

“Climate change is leading to increased rainfall which hugely increases flood risks, but by introducing solutions to the mix we can break the cycle.

“It was very useful to be able to visit Lang Avenue and see for myself the vitally important work that is underway.

“Throughout my time as the local MP, I have been working hard to deliver a long-term, sustainable solution to the very long-running issue of flooding in the street - made ever more urgent by the devastating floods several years ago.

“It is welcome to see that the multi-agency partnership between Barnsley Council, Yorkshire Water and the Environment Agency is working effectively and that transformative flood defence and mitigation work is being delivered on the ground.”