AN urgent plea has been issued for increased safety measures in Mapplewell after a road traffic collision turned fatal last week.

Police were called to Shaw Lane following a collision involving a white Vauxhall van and a pedestrian on a mobility scooter at 7.35am on October 26.

Officers and the ambulance service attended the scene, and a 73-year-old man was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The driver of the van remained at the scene and has since been supporting the police with their enquiries.

The pedestrian died last Thursday as a result of his injuries.

Police have now launched an investigation and are calling for witnesses to get in touch, quoting incident number 136 of October 26.

Long-standing campaigner John Race, who lives on nearby Paddock Road, said the issue of road safety is ‘only getting worse’.

He told the Chronicle: “I’ve lived here for approximately 28 years and when I first arrived the traffic wasn’t too bad - but it’s increasing in volume year-on-year.

“I’ve raised at least two petitions with the council about road safety issues - with my hope that it would progress to some more safety measures being implemented.

“I’ve been told that because there has been no fatalities that it wasn’t high on their agenda.

“Pedestrians are always going to face danger when crossing the crossroads - but the council seems to ignore that fact.”

John said there’s ‘too much talk and not enough progress’ on work in the area - and questioned why it should take a fatality for the council to act.

“A proper report needs to be done now because there’s been a fatality,” he added.

“Why have we just got to be constantly in danger?

“A lot of things could have been done to prevent this.

“There should be a plan in place at the very least - the more traffic that comes the worse it’s going to get.

“We’re not just talking about a speeding issue - we’re talking about a multitude of incidents.”

Coun Steve Hunt, who represents the Darton East ward, told the Chronicle he has been in touch with Barnsley Council to discuss whether or not the road network was a contributory factor.

He added “I was saddened to learn that the pedestrian on a mobility scooter involved in the serious road accident on Shaw Lane at around 7.35am on October 26 died in hospital last week as a result of his injuries.

“My thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.

“I have been in touch with the council regarding this fatal collision.

“They have confirmed that they will visit the location to see whether the layout and condition of the highway could have been a contributory factor.

“They state that ‘unless we identify a serious issue we would not undertake any work at the location until HM Coroner has completed their investigations into the incident’.

“The fatal collision is the subject of ongoing police enquiries. If anyone has any information please pass this onto South Yorkshire Police.”

A spokesperson for Barnsley Council said: “South Yorkshire Police are carrying out a detailed investigation into the circumstances of the recent collision and their findings will be passed to H.M Coroner’s Office.

“We're unable comment on the recent collision until such times as the police have concluded their investigations and H.M. Coroner has held an inquest.

“To make comment now, before the full circumstances of the incident have been determined, would be inappropriate, could prejudice the police investigation and cause undue distress to the family of the deceased.

“Once the police have concluded their investigation and the coroner has issued their findings then any recommendations will be investigated jointly by the Road Policing Group of South Yorkshire Police and a member of our Highways Team.

“Whilst I fully appreciate there may be local concerns as a result of the recent collision, we have a duty to follow due legal process.

“Our Highways Team will assist South Yorkshire Police with their investigations if required.

“I regret I am unable to comment further but I am sure you will appreciate the sensitivity of these matters and the need for the council to heed Police and Legal advice."