ONLINE drug-dealing services that function like ‘Deliveroo’ drop-offs are raising fears for a local addiction service whose staff have issued a warning about its prominence in Barnsley.

Stickers with details of how to contact dealers have popped up in towns and cities across the country, including Barnsley, which - when followed - lead to a ‘slick’ online cannabis delivery service.

The local addiction support service, Recovery Steps, has become concerned about the issue as it signifies what appears to be a growing trend in online drug availability.

Pharmacy and community outreach worker for the charity, James Pierce, told the Chronicle: “These stickers lead to a very slick delivery service.

“It’s all an open ‘’ site, not the dark web or anything like that.

“Everything’s fully branded so it gives the sense that it is a proper, professional business.

“There’s a myriad of services like this online now, and they’re all just in plain sight.”

The sites take encrypted purchases through the use of cryptocurrency, though James warns that there’s no guarantee of a real delivery.

“There’s plenty of scam-type sites,” he added.

“You could make a purchase but never receive anything - even though cannabis is more commonplace now it’s still an illegal, class B drug and people should still be cautious.

“With lots of these products there’s not even cannabis in it - they utilise synthetic cannabinoids, which is more commonly known as spice.

“There’s no guarantee with these services, even if they look professional.”

The increase in online dealing sites, especially with these new stickers advertising the service, is also causing concern over children and young people beginning to experiment with drugs.

James said: “A study from 2019 showed that one quarter of young people see drugs being sold online - there’s probably been a huge increase since then.

“Drugs are more accessible than ever and young people can be easily introduced to them through the internet.

“It’s all posted and delivered, there’s no need for in-person contact.

“One delivery service is even designed to look like Deliveroo - it’s undermining all the preventative work.”

South Yorkshire Police confirmed they are aware of the growing trend.

A spokesperson added: “We have been made aware of a number of stickers in Barnsley town centre that are potentially linked to the supply of cannabis.

“We are working in close partnership with public health organisations and other agencies to investigate the origin of these stickers and our enquiries remain ongoing.

“We would urge anyone with information relating to this matter to contact us by calling 101 or getting in touch via our online portal.”