‘REGULAR’ collisions at a busy crossroads on the outskirts of the town centre have resulted in a councillor urging action to be taken to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians.

The junctions of Racecommon Road, Park Road, Keresforth Hall Road and Keresforth Hill Road claimed two casualties over the festive period following a more serious accident at the end of November.

More than £300,000 was spent by Barnsley Council on traffic signal changes in the area in 2021/22 - and Coun Philip Wright claims this and a pedestrian crossing ‘pen’ are reducing motorists’ sight lines.

Coun Wright, who represents the Kingstone ward, said: “Cars travelling from Broadway and turning right onto Keresforth Hall Road are regularly colliding with cars travelling from Park Road.

“Since the traffic lights and pedestrian crossing at this junction were replaced a couple of years ago, changes were made that have increased the number of accidents.

“Before the traffic lights were replaced there was a yellow warning sign stating ‘right turners must give way to oncoming traffic’.

“The newly-constructed, fenced-in pedestrian pen on the central traffic island does reduce the clarity of vision and makes seeing oncoming traffic more difficult.

“Because of the angle of the railings the waiting car on Park Road is almost invisible.

“I have suggested that a dedicated filter arrow system for right turners is implemented.

“Accidents at this junction have become a regular occurrence and it is clear action needs to be taken now to make this crossroad much safer.”