ONE of Barnsley’s oldest chippies is getting a new lease of life.

Two Gates Fisheries in Shafton opened in 1935 and has been going strong since, even winning the prestigious National Federation of Fish Friers’ (NFFF) fish and chip quality award in 2020.

In 2017 it was purchased by the current owner Craig Butcher, who has been developing it further and keeping it a success.

“I took it from not doing particularly well to a successful business,” Craig told the Chronicle.

“Recently I faced a tough decision - I was going to sell but decided instead to invest.

“I’m working with the council on their net zero scheme to get a small grant - we’re looking at fitting new energy efficient tech.

“Hopefully we can keep it going till the 100th anniversary.”

Craig is planning on investing £100,000 into the business to give it a new lease of life, with a revised menu.

They are now adding two new fish choices, plaice and woof, the latter being a fish caught around Scarborough that became rare when population declined from overfishing.

Through sustainable fishing partners, Two Gates Fisheries are able to deliver fresh catches to customers, without causing further harm to the population.

“We’re a specialist fish and chip shop,” Craig added.

“We want to add some new stuff to the menu without offering kebabs or pizzas or anything like that.

“It’s about keeping it tradition, as British fish and chips should be.”