A WOMAN with a mental health disorder which has caused her a lifetime of instability has finally found peace through painting.

Karen Kenworthy, of Carlton, suffers with borderline personality disorder (BPD) - a condition that results in impulsive behaviour, disturbed patterns of thinking and severe mood swings.

The 57-year-old spent most of her life dealing with these issues until in 2021 she finally received a diagnosis that explained her problems.

“My life’s been a rollercoaster,” she told the Chronicle.

“It affects everything from how I feel to how I interact with people.

“My relationships have become unstable because I’m impulsive and act without thinking - I basically had no self-esteem at all.

“I’ve been living with it all my life but didn’t know what was wrong.

“Thankfully I’m well into my recovery now and in a much better place.”

Following her diagnosis, Karen reached out to the charity Creative Recovery, which is based on Prospect Street in the town centre.

There she discovered a passion for art that has not only helped fill her time, but also deal with the issues that have plagued her for so many years.

She added: “Art’s been brilliant.

“I got involved with Creative Recovery and realised when I picked up a pencil and brush that I could paint.

“I always knew that I’d been creative but never put in the time with art to get anything done properly.

“I’ve met lots of good people through Creative Recovery, all of them who have got their own mental health problems.

“Painting makes me feel better, it engages the mind, body and spirit - whatever I’m feeling I can put into my paintings and get it out.

“I’d recommend it to anyone who’s struggling.”