THE family of a Darton youngster say they’re immensely proud of him after he used his initiative to donate food to the homeless and local foodbanks.

Lincoln Porter is only three years old but his mum, 34-year-old Emma Porter, said he’s always had an interest in picking up rubbish.

This week Lincoln decided to turn his hobby into a fundraising challenge - and he’s raised £120 which he used to buy food for local foodbanks and to help the homeless.

Emma told the Chronicle: “He’s always picked up rubbish and put it in the bin from a young age.

“He’s always been curious about why people sit outside supermarkets as well so we’ve had to explain to him about why people are homeless.

“Whenever we go to the supermarket he takes the pound coin and gives it to those asking.

“He decided he wanted to raise some money to help people out and on Monday he went on a litter pick around Barnsley and Wakefield and then used the £120 he raised to buy food to donate from Morrison’s.

“We’re really proud of him.

“It just shows exactly how selfless he is.”