A BOYS’ football team proved themselves unbeatable after claiming victory in 18 consecutive matches.

Pinfold Pumas’ under-sevens set-up, from Cudworth, are now in the final stages of their preparations for the Barnsley Junior U7s’ Supplementary Cup final this Sunday and players have high hopes.

Coach Ryan Brown told the Chronicle: “They’re absolutely ecstatic.

“We’ve been winning game after game - everyone is generally feeling optimistic.

“The main thing is still that they enjoy it, but obviously winning makes them enjoy it more.”

Their success has already garnered the attention of bigger professional clubs, who have began scouting to see the potential of the young players, with the team being invited to play at Leeds United and Rotherham United.

But Ryan is mostly concerned with keeping the team spirit alive and helping his players proper.

“I’ve had this group for about 18 months,” he added.

“Not much has really changed - as a team we keep our training direct and everyone’s at the same ability level.

“When I talk to the boys I tell them it’s not all about scoring, you’ve got to support each other and work together as a team.

“But we still make it fun - it’s just a great group of boys who are willing to put the work in at training, with some great parents who are willing to help them.”

The team have been put forward for the Young Sports Team award at this year’s Young Champions.

“Our young athletes exemplify the spirit and potential of grassroots football,” Ryan said.

“This story serves as an inspiring testament to the dedication and talent found within local teams like ours.

“It’s a reminder that aspiring young footballers can truly shine and thrive in their communities.”