A MUSICIAN is on her way to achieve her dream of becoming a professional singer.

Formerly a student at the Real Music Centre in Wombwell, 18-year-old Emily Jackson is now in her first year of studying music at the Leeds Conservatoire.

She has already recorded several charity songs, performed on radio and had the opportunity of working with members of the famous Opera North.

Real Music Centre teacher Helen Ingham told the Chronicle: “It’s a massive achievement to get into an institution like that.

“She’s one of those individuals who can do every style of music you can think of.

“When we need her she’ll still make the trip back down to support us.”

Helen has put Emily forward for the Special Achievement award at this year’s Young Champions.

“She has also helped the junior members of our theatre company throughout her GCSE and A level years and still comes back whenever she can despite her heavy workload,” she added.

“She leads and mentors the young performers and is an inspiration and leading light to them all. Her kindness and selfless nature shines through everything she turns her hand to, nothing is too much trouble for Emily.

“It has been a pleasure to watch her grow as a musician and well rounded, considerate person, and I feel privileged to have been part of her journey in life.”