NOTORIOUS problem families whose antisocial behaviour blights communities are being targeted by a new enforcement team.

The Community Intervention Team is cracking down on Barnsley's top 20 families who make neighbours lives a misery because of their behaviour - from using drugs and drinking to fighting on the street.

The team, made up of a police sergeant and two council enforcement officers, has put together a list of notorious families based on the number of incidents they are involved in, the impact they have on the community and the cost to the public purse to deal with them.

Temporary police sergeant Alison Schofield said: "We have one family in the area that is on their fourth eviction and we're talking serious antisocial behaviour with that family.

"Children on the street can't play out because they're terrified of this family, which spills out on to the street drinking and using drugs, fighting and smashing glass bottles." 

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** The full story appears in the Barnsley Chronicle, dated March 20. **