YOUNG Theo Ferguson is quite a footballer - despite suffering spina bifida, being paralysed form the knees down and having a condition which causes severe swelling to the brain.

Theo, six, is determined not to let his medical conditions stop him doing what he loves. And that means football. He used to have to travel to Coventry to take part in the somewhat niche sport of frame football, which allows those with disabilities to play together with the aid of their walking frame.

But Theo has now joined a new group for South Yorkshire, based in Rotherham, which has delighted both him and mum Lisamarie.

"It's absolutely amazing," said Lisamarie, of Neville Avenue, Kendray. "He absolutely loves football, but he can't participate at school. All he wants to do is play football, and run, and take part. With his frame he can do all that.

"For Theo it's actually part of his physiotherapy. Although he is paralysed from the knees down, he can actually walk, he just needs help, and we've been told basically it's a case of lose it or use it. By using his legs more, it's helping him keep that use."

John Bellis, who runs the frame football sessions, said: "The reason we've started this is that a lot of these children do go to mainstream schools, so this gives them the chance to take part on a level playing field.

"It's giving them exercise, but also there's a huge social side to it. We'd like to open it up and get more people involved. It's open to anyone aged three to 17 who uses a walking frame."

Training sessions for Frame Football South Yorkshire Aston Swallownest are held every Monday, 6pm to 7pm, at Thomas Rotherham College, Moorgate. For further details contact John Bellis on 07791138276.