INDUSTRIAL scale flytipping has been discovered between Great Houghton and Grimethorpe.

An 80-yard stretch of rubbish containing everything from insulation to household waste and the remains of what looks like a flat renovation has been found parallel to the busy Park Spring Road.

The tipped waste is so big it stretches from the Houghton end of the Darfield ward into the North East area ward, approaching Grimethorpe.

Little Houghton Parish Council was alerted to the problem by a parishioner, who found the site while walking her dog.
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It is just yards away from clothing giant ASOS’s warehouse, but is hidden by foliage and rubble placed to cover the old railway tracks.

Parish councillor Kevin Osborne estimates there could be eight flatbed trucks worth of rubbish tipped.

He said: “It is clearly not just a white van man. This is industrial waste on an industrial scale. It is the largest I have ever seen.

“There are tiles, insulation, doors from what looks like a renovation of flats, stuffed toys, cushions, domestic waste.

“It is in an isolated, quiet spot and perfect for flytipping. Next to it is the River Dearne and it is right next to Park Spring Road and ASOS.

“Little Houghton Parish Council and the village as a community is concerned about the area becoming a hotspot for tippers. We have a lot of complaints from parishioners who are fed up of reporting it. Last week I reported four different incidents one near the wind turbines, one on Mary Street, this one and another. Barnsley Council is doing its best with limited resources. But I would like to see more action beyond picking the waste up after it has been left.”

Darfield Coun Pauline Markham said councillors are doing their best to battle tippers in the ward, but the problem is becoming ‘out of control’.

She said: “The area is really bad for it. It is on a commercial level and whoever has done this is not an ordinary flytipper. What they are doing is getting people to pay them to take rubbish and then dumping it instead of disposing of it properly. It is a disgrace and a blight on the community. From a council point of view these things are reported, cleared and then rubbish is just getting tipped there again. And it is not just Darfield, not just Barnsley, but countrywide.

“Unless we have cameras placed to catch them and see faces, unless we have evidence - that is the only way they can be prosecuted and stop them dumping altogether. But even when cameras are in place, they cover their faces and the police can’t get clear enough images to do anything with it.

“We know the area is particularly bad for it and would welcome any suggestions on how to deal with the problem.”

North East area Coun Dorothy Higginbottom said: “A few weeks back we had similar issues near the turbines in the area, and the bus turnaround in Little Houghton attracts rubbish too.

“It is awful to go for a walk and come across that. It is disheartening for volunteers in the villages who work to remove it and as soon as it is gone, some more has taken its place.

“In this case, it sounds as though someone could have gone with a tipper wagon and just emptied it while keeping moving.”

Council spokeswoman Coun Jenny Platts confirmed the rubbish had been reported and will be removed within the next seven working days.

“It’s disappointing that a small minority of people think that fly tipping is acceptable. If we can prove who carried out the flytipping, we'll begin investigations within two working days and pursue a prosecution if we have enough evidence.

“To find the main offenders, we’ve increased monitoring and are targeting those individuals using a number of tactics including operations to stop and search vehicles.”

People can report flytipping online through the council’s website and can email with any information.