WORTLEY Rugby Club has undergone a transformation which has seen it acquire two new pitches - and now members are trying to broaden its public appeal by setting up a girls’ team.

Girls and boys can play side by side until they reach post-primary school age and the club has been running girls’ coaching sessions at Penistone Grammar School in the hope of attracting interest from older girls.

Now members want to establish more sessions at the club itself, in the hope of raising a team with enough members to take part in competitions.

There are currently three girls who form the core of a team, but to play they have had to ‘buddy up’ with others from clubs in Doncaster and Sheffield to make the numbers up.

Club member Mick O’Toole is working on the project and he said floodlighting was being installed at the club, which would help with mid-week evening sessions.

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The grammar school group had been getting “really decent numbers” until the summer break, he said, with club members now working to re-establish that momentum.

“I am trying to get more girls involved, through the school and coming to a girls-only training night,” he said.

“We are working on our pitch to put some lights up and we hope to host an event for girls to come along and try it.

“I would like to develop it so we have an opportunity for girls to play,” he said.

Initially it is expected there would be short teams playing, with reduced numbers.

Anyone who is interested can contact Mick on 07599802668.