LONG-RUNNING calls for anti-speeding measures to be brought in at an ‘accident blackspot’ have received the backing of hundreds of residents.

Long-running problems on Sandy Bridge Lane received another hearing at Shafton Parish Council’s meeting after Barnsley Council ruled out installing better signage and electronic speed indicators due to it not being considered dangerous enough last year.

Parish councillors - who claim the road has daily near misses and collisions due to vehicles exceeding the speed limit - have been circulating a petition and around 300 residents have so far signed in order for better signage to be installed.

Parish council chairman Dave North said: “It is yet more proof of just how many people feel action must be taken on Sandy Bridge Lane and we won’t stop until that happens.
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“We have been discussing it for so long but no-one seems to want to act until there’s a fatal crash. I have never heard anything like it in my life - something needs to happen before we are at that stage, not after, especially when we have told Barnsley Council about its danger for years.”

Barnsley Council, which receives funding from the South Yorkshire Local Transport Plan to carry out improvements at locations where there is a history of collisions resulting in personal injury, previously said the lane was not on its hotspot list.

The road - which was recently a policing priority - has been retained as a location for the Royston Neighbourhood Team’s mobile speed gun after 34 motorists were caught flouting the limit in two separate visits.

Although no-one was prosecuted as the events were the first of a series of action days, police have vowed to take action now that people have been warned.