THE charitable housing association behind a controversial complex which neighbouring residents claim is a ‘drug den’ have been told to clean up its act after a tenant died.

The 30-year-old woman died at Prospect Place, West Street, Hoyland, a residential complex which is split into flats.

Police say they were called out to the property on Tuesday at around 6.50pm.

They said there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.

The Chronicle understands Prospect House is run by My Space Housing Solutions, which bought the property last year to provide accommodation to people who had fallen on hard times.

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The charity has been criticised this week after residents complained about problems at the building, which is close to two schools Kirk Balk and West Meadows.

They claim users of the drug, spice, are harming the area’s reputation.

One said: “Kids have to walk past the building and there are regularly people outside, drinking alcohol, at 9am.

“That’s the sort of place it is and it shouldn’t be allowed to continue as it brings Hoyland’s reputation down.

“People are off their head on spice. Residents have known about it for months and have complained countless times to My Space Housing, local councillors and the police as it should not be happening, let alone so close to where schools are.

“We were told by their employees of their intentions before they started bringing people into the flats and they have not kept their word.

“They said they would go to good people who wanted to turn their lives around having fallen into a bit of a slump, but that hasn’t been the case.

“Crime is up, house prices are down, and there are good people left in the middle who are being affected by tenants at one building.

“This latest incident does not come as a surprise.”

Coun Jim Andrews told the Chronicle that the charity told Barnsley Council it intended to offer accommodation to ex-soldiers when it took over something which people say has not been lived up to and instead, tenancies have gone to unemployed people which has allegedly led to a rise in antisocial behaviour.

“Their intentions were very good but I have had a lot of complaints about the incidents at Prospect Place,” Coun Andrews added.

“I fully supported the original purpose they set out as anyone would, but I believe the tenants are on probation so that has caused issues for nearby residents.

“We are in contact with the charity and hopefully this tragic incident will lead them to take steps towards bettering their reputation in Hoyland.

“It must act as something which spurs them on to clean up their act.”

My Space Housing Solutions declined to comment when contacted by the Chronicle.