A PRIMARY school has been hailed ‘the hardest working school in Barnsley’ in this year’s Proud of Barnsley awards.

Meadstead Primary Academy, in Royston, received four nominations for the provisions and steps they have taken for children who have special educational needs and other personal issues.

Helena Waite, a foster carer, said the work staff have done for four of her foster children is ‘extraordinary’.

She said: “In 2016, we fostered four children and struggled to get a school to take the family unit but Meadstead Primary Academy did not hesitate.

“We cannot say how thankful we are to each and every person who has helped our children and continue to do so on a daily basis, even though we know this is everyday practise at Meadstead.

“Staff do not see what they do as anything but ordinary while we see it as being extraordinary. I feel it is only right that the school receive some recognition for the outstanding provision they provide for each and every child regardless of their backgrounds or difficulties.”

Alison Miles, a parent from Lundwood, also praised the school for how it has improved her daughter’s confidence.

She said: “Meadstead and its staff have empowered my daughter to be confident, always pushing self progress and constantly rewarding and nurturing all children in different ways.

“I am one very proud parent to call Meadstead my daughter’s school and I know a lot of the reason behind that is the hard work and the attitudes of all the staff across every level from the ladies in the office and reception, to the Mrs Smith taking charge of the ship.

“I hope you reward, I feel, the hardest working school in Barnsley.”

Nicola Smith, Meadstead’s headteacher said the nomination is a testament to the staff.

She said: “I think it’s amazing for the staff to see that their hard work is appreciated and that parents have gone out of their way to nominate. It’s a really nice way to say thank you to everyone.”

The school of the year category is sponsored by South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner. Other schools in this category include Burton Road Primary for its positive Ofsted report and Darton College for how staff transformed a pupil’s life.