A UNIQUE cafe and bar is celebrating its first week of being open in Barnsley town centre.

Pour House 22 on Shambles Street opened its doors last Friday to serve a variety of cocktails and gins in the evening and sandwiches in the daytime.

Owner Tina Farnsworth, 50, and her husband Michael bought the venue and decided they wanted to use the premises to its full potential.

Tina, of Huddersfield Road, Wilthorpe, said their idea was to make a cafe and bar with a relaxed and quiet atmosphere, where people can feel ‘at home’.

Tina said: “It’s a bar with a delicate atmosphere and that’s what I wanted.

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“I wanted something a bit different and something that was more relaxed. I’m a trained barista so I’ve brought the coffee skills here.”

During the day, visitors to Pour House 22 can order coffee and have sandwiches and cakes, but in the evening they can order cocktails, gin and tonics and still have coffee too.

The venue is also hoping to drive the local music scene by getting in artists to play in the evenings.