A REMAKE of a comedy striptease act was performed to raise money for charity.

The troupe, made up of Connor Turford, Jack Deakin, Tony Stephenson, Nigel Walker, Jake Ward, John Nicholson, Danny Ravenscroft and Jack Norman, did a ‘Full Monty’ act in the spirit of the hit 1997 film, at Highgate Sports Club in Goldthorpe to raise money for a prostate cancer charity.

The group spent weeks rehearsing their act every Sunday night at the Clayton School of Dance and are still hoping to raise as much as they can for charity as they’re still counting the funds.

The day, organised by Darryl Hand, Donna Taylor and Mark Chappell, featured a play your cards right, family fortunes, a raffle and DJ.

“It was a great night and the tickets were sold out,” said Darryl.

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“We want to give a special thanks to Yvonne Lyman of Dearnlea Park, for all the time spent making the suits for the night. I’m confident we will have raised at least £3,000.”