‘DISRUPTION will be kept to a minimum’ for tenants after approval was granted for major heating replacement work on more than 200 Berneslai Homes properties.

The scheme - costing almost £1m - was given the nod by ruling cabinet members on Wednesday.

The social housing provider sought approval for the project, which will involve houses in Wombwell, New Lodge and Cudworth, to modernise the existing heating pipework which has reached the end of its 25 to 30-year life expectancy.

In Wombwell, 80 houses on Aldham Farm and Hudson Haven will receive work in 2019/20 while in New Lodge, 92 houses on Marston Crescent will be modernised in 2020/21 before 53 houses on Rose Tree Court, Cudworth, complete the project in 2021/22.

Cabinet spokesman Coun Tim Cheetham said: “It makes considerable sense to replace the underground heating distribution pipework. New pre-insulated systems have extremely low heat loss.

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“The hot water supplied from the heat source to buildings can maintain the supply temperature, ensuring a high level of energy efficiency ensuring environmental, economic and social benefits for the business and customers.

“It’s costing £938,000 in total and the work will be spread across three financial years. It’s important to add that there will be a substantial amount of metal work removed which will be recycled in line with the council’s green strategies.”

The meeting, at Barnsley Town Hall, was told that many elderly residents occupy the streets where the work will take place but a Berneslai Homes spokesperson said officers would be in touch with tenants.

“Disruption will be kept to an absolute minimum but there might be some slight issues during the work,” he added. “We will be consulting fully with tenants throughout.”