MORE than £500,000 is set to be spent on improving Hoyland as part of Barnsley Council’s Principal Towns project.

The idea behind the Principal Towns funding, according to the council, is to kick-start wider investment across local high streets to make sure the benefits of economic regeneration are felt across the borough and not just the town centre.

Hoyland’s allocation totals £574,300, with key schemes identified as the redevelopment of its town square, better signage, improved CCTV and work on its market.

Hoyland will become the third area to surpass the £500,000 funding mark, after Penistone and Royston received £889,900 and £598,500 respectively, with Goldthorpe, Darfield, Grimethorpe, Mapplewell and Stairfoot also given sums between £16,000 and £270,000.( A council report says: “Residents of Principal Towns will see significant outcomes from this programme.

“Community consultations have taken place, which have encouraged residents to have their say and voice their thoughts about improvements that could be made in their local area.

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“More jobs are likely to increase footfall and contribute to a vibrant economy.

“Overall, this scheme is likely to have a sustained positive impact in providing new business space and new jobs, providing funding to revitalise the local high street.

“In July 2019, Arcadis were appointed to undertake a master planning exercise covering the principal town of Hoyland.

“Work has now been completed providing a long term strategic vision for Hoyland as well as helping to identify the work packages that can be delivered within the duration of the Principal Towns programme.

“Following the completion of the consultative phase, the programme has now firmly moved into active delivery. The current programme is predicted to run up until March 2021 to make sure there is effective delivery of a diverse and complex programme.

“Principal Towns has presented the opportunity to rebuild relationships with the community including local businesses to develop opportunities that will hopefully increase the economy of the area and bring the community together.”