BARNSLEY actor Shaun Dooley still cannot believe that a ‘Barnsley lad’ could be in with the chance of scoring a Christmas number one.

Shaun covered Taylor Swift’s song Never Grow Up, as part of the album Got It Covered which helped to raise money for Children in Need. The album features 11 songs performed by multiple celebrities such as Helena Bonham-Carter, Jim Broadbent and David Tennant.

Shaun and his wife Polly first came up with the idea of creating an album for Children in Need more than two years ago but Shaun was adamant he would not be singing on the album.

“When I had the idea for the album I just wanted to be behind the scenes,” said Shaun, 45, originally from Cudworth. “My wife actually had to convince me to sing on the album and I can’t believe how the song has taken off.”

The song gained popularity from the album and has now been released as a single - which has been tipped by bookies to be in the running for Christmas number one.

“It’s a crazy, crazy thing,” added Shaun. “For the track to get the recognition for Children in Need and for Grimethorpe Colliery Band is amazing. I hope it will remind people how beautiful the band is and bring brass music to a younger audience.”

Shaun shot a music video alongside Grimethorpe Colliery Band which will help to raise more money for Children in Need through the amount of views the video gets.

“When we did the video my family were there; my parents, my wife and my kids and I got really emotional when we were recording. The first take I did of the song in Abbey Road I had to ask my kids to hide so I couldn’t see them because I got really choked up, and the same happened when I did the first take of the video.

“The song means so much to me - I sing it to my kids at night and seeing them there got me teary. The song is dedicated to my children and is a love letter to their youth, and they are there at the end of the video as I finish singing which was really special.”

Grimethorpe Colliery Band members who feature on the record only heard the completed song for the first time on the day of recording the music video.

“We recorded the song back in the spring but didn’t hear it come together until the day we shot the music video and we were all really surprised and delighted,” said band manager, Andrew Coe. “It’s lovely how the band’s sound works with Shaun’s voice and I think everyone who hears it will really resonate with the song, especially parents.

“As well as raising money for a good cause, we are hoping that this single will open new doors for us as a band and allow brass music to reach a new audience.”

Now Shaun, and the band, are hoping that the single will reach number one in time for Christmas.

“If we get to number one I will have to open a bottle of fizz,” said Shaun. “Imagine that, a Barnsley lad as Christmas number one - it’s crazy.”

To listen to Shaun’s single, and to help him be in with the chance of achieving the number one spot, search ‘Never Grow Up’ on all major streaming sites, or watch the music video on YouTube here.