CONCERNS have been raised by residents of an area in Darton after continued antisocial behaviour was reported to police this week - including frying pans full of food appearing on residents’ cars.

Dearne Street and Bridge Street in Darton is a ‘hotspot’ for antisocial behaviour and vandalism including fly-tipping and smashed glass on the pavement.

At the North Area PACT meeting on December 2 - which is chaired by local police - residents reported repeated incidents of food being left on cars, as well as ‘for sale’ signs being knocked over. There were also reports of smashed glass in the middle of the pavement, and suspected drug activity in side streets at about 2am.

Sergeant David Baines said that ‘there has been a noticeable decline on those streets’ and ‘police presence will continue to monitor Dearne Street and Bridge Street’.

According to the police, youngsters identified have already received visits at their homes and received antisocial behaviour warning letters.

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Acceptable behaviour contracts have also been mooted, which are signed by the police, the offender and a parent or carer. They include items which the youth must adhere to and, if they are caught being involved in any antisocial act, they will then be issued with a community protection notice (CPN) before court action can be pursued.

Police are keen to avoid a repeat of Canal Street, where long-running issues with teenage gangs plagued nearby residents and the neighbouring Asda store, where staff received threats and fireworks were set off in its entrance.

Phil Hollingsworth, service director for safer, stronger and healthier communities at Barnsley Council, added: “We are aware of reports of antisocial behaviour in Darton.

“We continue to join forces with South Yorkshire Police as part of our safer neighbourhood service team.

“We would encourage residents to report incidents, so that officers can appropriately deal with any issues and prioritise accordingly.

“The council is committed to addressing crime, antisocial behaviour and making Barnsley a safe place.

“To achieve this, we are working with partners to deliver a wide range of initiatives covering prevention, enforcement and support.”

To report instances of antisocial behaviour or crime, please call 101 or 999 in an emergency.