A WOMAN has been awarded the Barnsley Diver of the Year at 65-years-old, after mentoring others.

Ann Bailey, of Hemingfield, has won Diver of the Year from Barnsley BSAC Divers, after picking up diving later on in her life.

Ann started SCUBA diving in 2007, and has since thrown herself off of the deep end by getting involved in every aspect of the club.

From planning weekly dives, becoming a qualified diving inspector, and participating at open water training events, Ann spends more of her time in the water than out of it.

The Diver of the Year award is based on the driver’s participation in diving activities, their personal development as a diver, and their contribution towards the club.

Rob Mason, the diving officer for the club, said: “Ann’s nomination was an easy task. We’re surprised she hasn’t won it before.

“She co-ordinates the weekly plan for 70-odd divers at the club, plans weekly try-dives for members of the public, and facilitates open water training at various UK dive centres.

“If that wasn’t enough, she added to her considerable list of SCUBA qualifications this year by putting herself through the rigourous Instructor Training Scheme assessment to qualify as a theory instructor.

“She has set an example to our members by constantly improving upon her own qualifications.

“She absolutely fulfils the criteria for this long-overdue award.”

To get involved in Barnsley diving, please email diving@barnsleybsacdivers.co.uk or call 07783 291955 for more information.