A MUM-of-four has gathered around 1,000 signatures to try and prevent ‘a fatal accident outside a school’ in Worsbrough Dale.

Lisa Pearson, of Wellington Crescent, said that speeding has been a problem on her road and Underwood Avenue, where Worsbrough Bank End Primary School is.

The mum, who has two children aged six and nine who go to the school, said she is ‘always concerned’ about children’s safety in the area and thinks speedbumps in the area will help to prevent accidents.

“I have lived here for ten-and-a-half years now and this problem has always been here. There are speedbumps on most of the other roads but there aren’t any on Wellington or Underwood and there should be. The council have only just painted lines on the junctions so cars will actually stop at the crossroads.”

The 41-year-old also believes the issue of speeding is ‘getting worse’ and there is more chance of an accident because of restricted parking.

“The roads are only little so there is restricted parking as people are obviously parking outside their houses. But, around school time it’s hard for children to even cross the roads as they can’t really see the road properly because of the parked cars.”

Lisa set up a petition to get speed bumps installed on both Wellington Crescent and Underwood Avenue and received more than 900 signatures.

She said she received help and support from the community and staff at Bank End Primary.

“It was a couple of months ago that I set up this petition,” said Lisa.

“I’ve had lots of people sign it, including people who have children at the school and teachers at the school. The school also helped me, which was great.

“I take my children to and from school even though I live nearby and I don’t allow them to play out just in case something happens.”

The petition has now been passed to Coun Jake Lodge, who has presented the petition to the council. He said awareness of things like this need to be raised, as well as raising awareness of ‘problem roads’ in Worsbrough, which he says are a big issue for the ward.

“I am extremely concerned about the state of roads across Worsbrough Ward, where pot holes are a regular occurrence and the road network across the ward is a patchwork of tarmac and other materials, which has been used to cover the chronic under funding in roads across Worsbrough,” he said.

“In the upcoming budget, I would like to see the council commit to investing in to roads across my ward.

“We also need to see our roads become safer, that’s why I’m supporting local residents in getting speeds bumps on Wellington Crescent.

“As the Tour de Yorkshire will be coming through Worsbrough this year, we need to ensure that our roads are fit for purpose and safe, particularly on our estates.’’