TV PRESENTER Sam Nixon paid tribute to his friend and former co-star Caroline Flack in an emotional post on Instagram.

Sam posted the message after the news broke that the 40-year-old TV presenter had died in her London home on February 15.

Sam and Caroline hosted the show TMi alongside fellow presenter Mark Rhodes from 2006 to 2010 on CBBC.

In his post Sam described meeting Caroline for the first time and how he immediately knew they would work well together as well as several clips from behind the scenes of TMi.

He said: “I am so deeply sad to hear the news about Caroline. I think I can speak for both Mark and I when I say presenting TMi was the most fun show ever.

“We had such a laugh. We screen tested with lots of fantastic presenters for TMi but I will never forget when Caroline came in.

“I remember being on a train after that particular screen test and calling our producer and telling him that she was the one. She was a great presenter, we instantly got on with her and she made me and Mark look funnier than we were with her unbelievably beautiful, infectious laugh.”