A BARNSLEY cinema boss has found an unusual way of entertaining himself - and, as it turns out, other people - while his business is closed.

Rob Younger, who runs Parkway Cinema on Eldon Street, was on his usual rounds of the building when he began filming himself on his phone.

Going into parts of the decades-old cinema that have never been seen by the public, Rob’s video turned into a ten-minute tour - which caught people’s attention when he uploaded it to Parkway’s Facebook page.

Hundreds of people have watched the video, with many praising the ‘behind-the-scenes’ approach showing off some of the quirks of the cinema - one of a few in the UK to host screenings in 70mm format and which is still run independently.

“We’ve got some plans while we’re shut, but I’ve just been going in to check on the building,” said Rob.

“It was a couple of things that were buzzing around in my head. The first is that, when you get people kicking off and wanting to speak to head office and that kind of thing, I thought I could show them this little cubby office upstairs - which is head office.

“The second is that now, if you open the blinds, you can see the new cinema being built from the window. I feel a bit like I’m in the Peter Sellers film, ‘The Smallest Show on Earth’.

“People enjoyed the video, which is great, I didn’t expect anything from it.

“We’re trying to keep the Facebook page alive while people can’t come down.”

Rob said there were other areas he hadn’t shown that he might venture into on future videos.