A BARNSLEY woman described as a ‘formidable lady’ has celebrated her 100th birthday.

Agnes Byrne reached the milestone last Thursday, and was greeted outside her bungalow on York Street, Cudworth, by friends and neighbours to celebrate.

Formerly Barnsley’s oldest poppy seller before her retirement two years ago, Agnes is a committed member of St John’s Church in the village - with friends saying she still stays after Mass on Fridays to help clean up.

Father David Nicholson read out Agnes’ card from the Queen, and well-wishers continued to visit the centenarian throughout the day - paying attention to social distancing guidelines.

Church warden Christine Tate said: “We love her to bits. She’s fitter than most of us, she’s very independent.

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“Agnes is a formidable lady for her age - in normal times she goes to Mass daily and enjoys helping out at the monthly jumble sales.”

Friend and fellow church member Florence Whittlestone, 86, of Field Drive, added: “She really is a treat, always smiling.

“She regularly reads the paper and likes to be well-informed.

“I often go to her if I need any information for the local history group.

“We will be holding a proper party for her when this is all over.

“Every time I speak to her, she makes sure I’ve not forgotten about her party.”

Florence added Agnes was ‘really touched’ by the gathering and the cards and gifts she received.