A LOCAL councillor is appealing to the public to clear up after themselves after he removed fly-tipped rubbish in Dodworth.

Coun Neil Wright, along with a member of the public, originally thought the clear-up wouldn’t take too long but due to a variety of factors, the pair spent two hours clearing the mess.

He said: “I originally thought that I’d be able to clear it up with a couple of bin bags but when I got there and saw the number of gas canisters it was clear to me that it would take longer.

“When someone said that there were canisters dumped there I thought there might be a few, but I ended up spending most of my time clearing them up as the walk back to the car from the site takes about 15 minutes, so we couldn’t run the risk of the bags splitting on the way back.

“There was also a fridge at the site which I’m told has been there a while, so I’m going back on Wednesday with the council team to clean the rest of it up.”

Fly-tipping has become more of a prevalent issue since lockdown began, but Neil admits that it’s never really been a major problem in Dodworth.

“Concerns regarding fly-tipping have never really been flagged up in the area, but obviously this pandemic hasn’t helped so that’s obviously a contributing factor - that doesn’t make what they’re doing right though,” Neil added.

“We’re appalled that we’re having to use council resources to clean up the messes that are made by other people, messes that could be easily avoided.

“It’s not what the council resources should be used for in this time - they should be using them to help businesses during the pandemic.”