DOMINIC Jones will undoubtedly be the youngest person in the running for South Yorkshire Mayor, but he believes that’s more of a strength than a hindrance.

The 20-year-old has already had a decent grounding in politics having been a member of Barnsley’s Youth Council, a Member of Youth Parliament and having represented the UK on the international stage at the Y7 summit - the youth arm of the G7 global gathering.

Labour candidate Dominic first featured in the Chronicle four years ago and is now studying politics at university - but a career in politics isn’t his prime motivation for putting his name in the Mayoral hat.

“A phrase I like to use, is that I’m in it for the betterment of what’s around me,” he said.

“I’m not in it for myself, or for any sort of agenda - whatever happens, I don’t have a specific path I want to go down.

“I’m the only candidate from Barnsley, and I’m really excited to ensure Barnsley continues to have a strong voice - I’m one of its own, and I might be young but I’ve got a lot of experience.

“I’ve worked numerous jobs - I worked at Tesco during the pandemic, as a key worker - and as a young person my concerns are not just for now, they’re about the future.”