A FOOTBALL freestyler has picked up his 25th world record - and this time he managed to get more than 500 others involved.

Ash Randall, 32, originally from Cardiff but now living in Dodworth, has almost 300,000 followers on the social media app TikTok, accumulating more than 11 million likes in less than three years.

His online presence helped him secure his 25th Guinness World Record - alongside fellow influencer Izzy Horgan and 522 others - for ‘the most people in an online video chain passing a football’.

It’ll sit alongside some of his other records - the most forward football step overs in one minute and the longest time controlling a football with the soles whilst on the roof of a moving car - but this might be one of his most poignant.

“This record was started during lockdown when lots of people were of school and work,” he said.

“I saw another freestyler called Izzy Horgan was thinking about doing it so we started chatting and we worked together.

“We had about 750 videos submitted but only 522 of them were in the guidelines - it took a few months to get them all together and then to get edited.

“I was really surprised when we were told as it had taken so long to be approved but I was really happy and relieved.

“This is the 25th world record so to get some other people - and a big presence from Barnsley - was great.”