AN ELDERLY widow who has shopped in Barnsley for more than 30 years was left shocked and upset when a market trader told her she would receive a fine for taking her dog into Market Parade.

Joan Coy, 75, of Trinity Meadows, Thurgoland, said she will not be returning to the temporary market after she was abruptly told she should not have brought Zac, her two-year-old Bichon Frise who was in a dog pram, into the market.

She said: “I’ve shopped in Barnsley since 1985. I’ve had my dog for two years. I lost my husband and take him (the dog) everywhere with me.

“I’ve taken him in to the old market before without any problems. He’s in a dog pram so he can’t touch anything.

“As soon as I walked to a stall I was told ‘no dogs in here, you will get a fine.’ It was his attitude. I just walked straight out I was so angry.

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“Every week there seems to be something new - how can they expect people to come to Barnsley to spend money when they are stopping people from using the facility? Doesn’t Barnsley Council want anyone to shop in Barnsley?

“We’ve got a lousy bus service and we’re lucky if we get into Barnsley.”

Joan said she used to carry Zac in the old market, but had purchased the pram because he was getting too heavy.

A spokesman for the council said: “Dogs are not allowed in the markets apart from assistance dogs. Signs are displayed at all entrances.”