WHEN artist Lainie Jubb’s son took his own life, she found comfort in painting.

Lainie has since built up a large collection of about 35 colourful and beautiful works - but she now needs to get rid of them as she prepares to emigrate to Australia.

She hopes to be able to sell them to raise money for mental health charity Mind in memory of her son Andrew Wilford, who was born in Barnsley, but spent most of his life in Australia.

Lainie, 75, of Cope Street, Barnsley, was also born in Barnsley, and has lived here for the last three years. But she spent the previous 45 years living in Australia where she now plans to return.

“I moved back here because I wanted to be nearer my daughter who lives in Marrakech, and I’ve got other family in Barnsley.

“But I suppose it’s not quite worked out as I’d hoped here. I miss Australia, I suppose I feel Australian in some way. I can’t believe I’m doing it really, but I’m moving back to Brisbane.”

Lainie is now in a race against time to find new homes for the paintings, all done in acrylic.

She said while the work came out of grief, the paintings themselves are full of joy.

“They’re definitely happy paintings,” she said. “They’re full of colour and life, or at least I hope they are,” she said.

“I can’t take them all with me, so I just hope they can bring some good and raise some money for Mind.”