CALLS for PCSOs to carry out more evening patrols in Grimethorpe have been made after a park was ‘sticker bombed’ by a group of youths.

Millennium Green’s benches and its fields were left strewn with sticky till roll, which had been stolen from the nearby Asda store, last Tuesday before it was cleaned up by volunteers later in the week.

A spokesman from the village’s crime and safety group, who helped clean the mess, said: “We collected five bags in total. Much of the metal work in the area was covered in sticky labels which we were not able to get off.

“There appears to be two issues, one is the theft from Asda and two is the litter. Many people have spoken to us about it and all were disgusted and fed up with Grimethorpe continually being in this state.

“As well as this there is the usual detritus and so much broken glass that I cannot walk my dogs let alone allow a child to play. The bins are either broken or over flowing and someone is clearly using the bins for their household rubbish.

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“This situation is not good for people’s mental health or the health and wellbeing of their children.”

The area is a current policing priority, which should mean increased PCSO patrols, following problems with antisocial behaviour at Asda, New Options gym, Playdays Nursery and on nearby Cemetery Road.

An update on officers’ progress will be given at the police’s next PACT meeting, held at Cudworth Fire Station, on May 23.

Elsie Smith, from Grimethorpe Neighbourhood Watch, added: “More patrols are needed in the park as it’s a location that’s regularly a location of antisocial behaviour.

“People are being put off from taking their children there because of what’s going on. There’s no need for behaviour like the recent incident - it looked a terrible mess.”