A LITTLE girl who is the only one in Barnsley to suffer from a rare, genetic condition which means she cannot walk properly is running a mini-run to help raise money for the charity which has supported her family.

Four-year-old Paige Garnett-Green suffers from Bardet Biedl syndrome which affects her eyes, weight, kidneys and heart. It also causes mobility problems and learning difficulties.

The condition is caused when a couple who each have a faulty gene have a child. It affects roughly one in 100,000 babies.

Paige’s dad Richard, 32, of Orchard Terrace, Cawthorne, and Mum Dawn, 36, first realised something was wrong with Paige when she was born. There were no problems during Dawn’s pregnancy, but once she arrived, Paige would eat constantly and gained weight quickly. She was diagnosed almost three years ago.
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Richard said he and Dawn, who gave up her job as an accountant to care for Paige, were told at a family conference held by charity BBS UK that while Paige is not the only person in South Yorkshire to have the condition, she’s thought to be the only person in Barnsley to have it.

Richard said despite her health problems, Paige was a bubbly little girl who loved playing with dolls and watching horse racing, and loved reading at Hoylandswaine Primary School where she is a pupil.

Richard said: “She doesn’t let anything stop her. She loves Play-Doh and dolls and Mr Tumble like any other child.

“She likes watching the horses jump over the fences at horse racing. She loves school, and loves reading. She’s a bit behind on her learning, but not too much.”

Paige may need dialysis as she gets older, and could possibly lose her vision. She is also facing an operation on her knee. She has lots of doctors appointments and check-ups to monitor the condition.

Paige has a wheelchair, but will complete as much of the 1.5k Mini Great Manchester Run as she can without it. The run takes place on May 20.

The sponsorship raised will be donated to BBS UK.

To donate, e-mail richardgarnett85@gmail.com or visit www.gofundme.com/paiges-mini-marathon.