A COMMUNITY association which aims to make the village of Cudworth a better place has been nominated for a Proud of Barnsley award.

Cudworth Businesses and Community Together group was formed by a friendly bunch of volunteers who are a mix of residents and business owners of all ages who together want to make Cudworth a better village to live, work and visit.

The group’s aim is to bring local businesses, schools, clubs and residents together to raise community spirit, increase the profile of the village around Barnsley and to publicise what a great place it is.

Past projects that the group have organised include the Calendar Competition, when local people were asked to take pictures of the village and enter them into a calendar contest.

On the Bunny Trail, children and parents are invited to follow bunny maps around the village to track down different ceramic sculptures which have been hidden in 12 shops and other venues.

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And a fundraising campaign to install two remembrance lights on the side of The Star pub, to commemorate those who lost their lives in war, has been launched.

“We want to create harmony between all members of the community,” explains chair of Cudworth Businesses and Community Together, Chris Fox.

“Linking local businesses, schools, groups, clubs and residents to participate in programmes and events creates and enhances a feeling of community.

“We aim to make improvements to the village in a bid to entice more shoppers and visitors onto our village’s wonderful high street, to promote local clubs and groups and most of all, to further raise community spirit.”

The group is also in the process of creating a map of the area which highlights all of the good walking trails in Cudworth, and is making arrangements for this year’s third annual Christmas fair.

“It’s a real honour to be nominated and we’re proud to represent Cudworth,” adds Chris.

“For us it’s not just about our group but the whole village, and anyone who has donated to our fundraising, volunteered to help out with a project or made a supportive comment.

“Projects like the Cudworth Christmas Lights can only be a success when everyone works together.

“We hope this shows that people still care about their community, each other and are proud of where they live and work.”