A CHURCH which had its bins taken away by the council is bemoaning a huge increase in fly-tipping as a result of the decision.

Tankersley St Peter’s Church on Black Lane has seen piles of rubbish - including Christmas wreaths, ornaments and even a mattress - accumulate in its grounds after council-supplied wheelie bins were removed due to changes in refuse collection in the area.

Staff at the church have been told - via a notice placed in the area of the yard which formerly housed the bins - to use four large industrial bins at the entrance to Black Lane from Church Lane, which they have been given keys to unlock.

But they say they are physically unable to move the masses of rubbish which now sit in place of the old bins.

Warden Hazel Lindley, one of two people who have been handed keys to the bins, said: “It’s quite a walk down to the bins, especially when you’re carrying heavy bags of rubbish.

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“And you don’t want to put dead flowers and things like that in the car.

“Even then, when they get down to the bins they can’t even get in them because they’re locked. We’ve been offered more keys, but we can’t hand hundreds of keys out to users of the graveyard.

“It’s a lovely rural area and we have weddings at the church, but it looks a mess.

“The council are all on with fly-tipping and making a big song and dance, but this is going against that.”

The changes came in February this year as part of Barnsley Council’s restructuring of bin collection in the borough.

A council spokesperson said a risk assessment had reported the width of Black Lane was insufficient for a refuse collection vehicle to safely turn around after the church, meaning litter from the church could only collected from the entrance to Black Lane.

“To continue to use this access route would increase risks to staff, equipment and members of the public,” said the spokesperson.

“Unfortunately on the last two occasions council staff have attended the site, no one has been able to meet with us to represent Tankersley St Peter’s Parish Church. We are trying again to find a time to meet to discuss waste removal options.”