CASH generated by a now-decommissioned enforcement service in wards including Darton East, Darton West, Old Town and St Helen’s totalled more than £100,000, a report said.

North Area Council members opted against retaining a rolling contract with enforcement firm Kingdom Security last year, whose officers were responsible for dishing out fines for dog fouling, illegal parking and littering.

The £120,640-per-year contract yielded a total of £112,294 in its three years, a report revealed this week.

Coun Dave Leech, chairman of the North Area Council, said: “We were pleased with Kingdom’s service initially but we decided against renewing the contract because we still have big problems with litter and dog fouling in particular.

“It’s a lot of money to spend on something you’re not completely happy with and we’ve done it for several years. We’re still in the same situation, so we agreed as an area council to end it (the contract).

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“We wish Kingdom well but we can use the money we were spending elsewhere. Other area councils employ them but many only have two officers and we had four. We couldn’t think about doing the same as four weren’t achieving the figures we expected.”