Josh Timlin explores the Barnsley Chronicle archives from 1970.

BY coincidence, two local school teachers who spent seven years together at Broadway Grammar School are now off to work in the same city Nassau in the Bahamas.

Sandra Illingworth, 23, of Hunningley Lane, Stairfoot and Anne Miszka, 22, of Thurlstone Road, Penistone, met at the Barnsley school and then went to different colleges.

“We had not seen each other for four years,” said Sandra. “In July I heard Anne had applied for a teaching post abroad, so I wrote to her and discovered that we were seeking jobs in the same city.

“It was pure coincidence that we had both applied through the Ministry of Overseas Development and eventually we were surprised to get work teaching junior children in Nassau.”

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They will not teach at the same school but will share a house or flat after an initial three weeks in an hotel. They will work for three years in government-run schools.

The former schoolmates will leave for their new life on September 3.

A DODWORTH councillor is to attend the crowning of the Queen of Malaya.

Major Irvin Strutt, of Needlewood, Gilroyd, is an old friend of Sultan Abdul Halim Muazzah Shaibni’s wife, Bahaya, who will be crowned towards the end of the month.

Major Strutt, who spent many years with the army in Malaya, will be in that country next month with an old comrade, Dato Dawood, who was flown to England before Christmas for medical treatment after representations had been made by the Major.

He said: “By happy coincidence I shall be able to attend the crowning. I was a guest at her wedding some years ago.”

CHRISTOPHER White, 15, has a full-time job for the school holidays.

Sunshine and blue skies mean nothing to Christopher, of Highstone Road, Worsbrough Common, because he’s tucked away in his bedroom painting.

So far he’s sold over 60 pictures and is overrun with commissions from impressed locals.

When he’s not in his room, he’s out at Barnsley’s beauty spots, putting them on canvas, or exhibiting at local shows.

Christopher, son of miner Vincent White, has won prizes at a variety of shows throughout Yorkshire and is earning quite a reputation for himself in art circles.

A member of Barnsley Art Society, he hopes to become a full-time artist after leaving the Charter Secondary School.

IT looks as if the days of the Mayor’s car are numbered.

Its future will be discussed at a meeting next month of the Central Stores and Transport Committee.

The car, an Austin Princess, is now six years old and the model has gone out of production.

It is costing too much to maintain and run, and is said by councillors to be averaging around 10mpg. But whatever happens, the number plate THE 1 will remain in the council’s hands.

The council has already turned down a £1,000 offer for it from a local businessman, and have no intention of letting it go. According to councillors, it could end up on a £5,000 Daimler next year.