FED-UP residents have been taking matters into their own hands over bin-emptying in Penistone.

Town councillors heard that people have actually been removing rubbish from overflowing bins themselves.

And members were urged to press Barnsley Council to empty certain bins more frequently.

At Monday’s meeting, resident David Wilkinson said: “Litter bins in the town centre get to full to overflowing and it is horrendous. The emptying cycle seems to be every three weeks. Myself and others have taken rubbish out ourselves to ease the situation.”

He said bins by the bridge were a particular problem because of the level of use.

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“It’s not the fault of those emptying the bins, but someone sat on their fat backside in Barnsley who has no idea about footfall in Penistone and which bins are likely to get used the most,” said Mr Wilkinson. “Thought needs to be given as to where the bins are sited.

“Can the town council please have a word with Barnsley and see if something can be done about the three-weekly cycle.”

Mr Wilkinson also complained that one bin near Wentworth Road was actually removed by the borough council.

Ward councillor David Greenhough said all three ward members had worked together to get that bin reinstated. “Barnsley have said they would do that. They agreed it was a mistake to remove it,” he said.

“We want responsible use of bins. And if they are getting full, they need to be emptied more often. I will follow this up.”

Coun Jonathan Cutts said: “The three-weekly cycle is not very nice now that dog dirt is allowed to go into the general bins.”