REPAIRS to a town centre roundabout are still yet to take place, almost a year after the collision which caused the damage.

Barnsley Council has given the end of this financial year as a target for the completion of the work on Alhambra Roundabout, which was damaged when a HGV skidded into its outer wall - between Sheffield Road and Westway - on November 25, 2018.

The collision damaged the reinforced concrete wall and steel parapet, as well as the underpass from Sheffield Road under the roundabout, with safety barriers limiting some pedestrian access.

Coun Chris Lamb said: “As soon as the incident was reported, the area was made safe for both motorists and pedestrians and a detailed site investigation was undertaken. As a result, a package of works has been put together to repair the damage.

“Due to the complex repairs required for the structure and the parapet rail, the works need to be carefully planned to minimise disruption to the large volume of both motorists and pedestrians who use Alhambra roundabout and its subways.

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“The repair works are currently being programmed to take place as soon as is practical in this financial year.”