BUSINESSES in Silkstone are being urged to make the most of charging points for electric cars.

Parish councillors see the setting up of such points as ‘an opportunity’.

And they have been told there could also be income possibilities for the council as well.

At Monday’s meeting of the parish council, Coun Derek Liddell said: “Charging points for electric cars is a business opportunity for pubs, the garage and other concerns in the village.

“They will be allowed to make money, but we have to be realistic.”

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He said a recent report had spotlighted Yorkshire as one of the worst places for the number of points available.

“We should raise this with local businesses and see what can be done,” he said.

Chairman Meryl Liddell agreed. “This is something we should be investigating.”

Ward councillor Robert Barnard said: “There could also be an income opportunity for the parish council.”

The move comes just weeks after Penistone was named as the borough’s leading player in making charging points available.

It was revealed that Barnsley Council is to create two dedicated bays at the Penistone Paramount cinema car park for drivers to charge up their vehicles. It is hoped the move will boost footfall into the town centre as well as providing a facility for residents.

Ward councillor David Greenhough said: “Penistone is seen as a place which should be first in line for this facility. Barnsley Council sees it as the town which can lead the way to get this project rolling.

“We have electric cars in this area and it is a key passing point for people going to Manchester and such places. These points will be on the national map of charging places and we will get footfall coming into the town.

“While the car is charging, people can do some shopping or have a meal. There will be that benefit as well as a valuable facility for local people.

“Eventually it will be rolled out across the borough. But we are leading the way.”