THE MP for Barnsley East spoke about the ‘unacceptable delays and cancellations’ faced by Northern Rail passengers when she met with the rail minister, Grant Shapps.

Stephanie Peacock also met with representatives from the Department of Travel Operator of Last Resort (DOHL) and Network Rail to discuss how residents from Barnsley East will be affected by the recent stripping of the rail franchise from Northern.

Stephanie spoke about the unacceptable delays and cancellations those travelling with Northern have faced over the last few years in addition to the overcrowded and antiquated trains. She also discussed what logistical challenges DOHL will have to deal with, the rising cost of train tickets and getting new trains for Barnsley travellers.

“I have received countless complaints about the train services available to people here in Barnsley and across the North,” said Stephanie.

“It’s time that commuters travelling to and from Barnsley are offered affordable and reliable services.

“I will continue to campaign for a better standard of rail services and will be meeting with the Rail Minister and representatives of DOHL and Network Rail in two months.”