A MONK Bretton woman who started a charity to help struggling families feed their children last month is asking for donations to support the cause in the run-up to Christmas.

Georgia Burns, 21, of St Anne’s Drive, is a part of Feeding Families For Free in Barnsley - a page that was set up at the start of the month, though they have been supporting people since October.

She told the Chronicle: “Since we started we have been helping feed families, helping with baby donations like bouncers and Moses baskets, all free of charge.

“We want to help people who are struggling because that’s our aim, but we’re struggling ourselves which is why we’re asking donations so we can help even more families.

“We are currently planning on closing this page in December but with a few donations we can keep going.”

The group are also hoping to expand their donations to pet items and, as we move closer towards Christmas, presents for children whose families may be struggling.

“We all need to help each other and pull together in horrible times like this,” she added.

“We’ve had people asking about pet items like cat litter so hopefully we’ll be able to expand and provide some of those items.

“I’ve also set up an email where people can contact us if they need help because not everyone is able to find us on Facebook.”

To donate to the group follow the link on the Barnsley Chronicle website, and if you are in need of support you can email feedingfamilies@hotmail.com.